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we understand how important reliable and quality contractor craftsmanship is when it comes to working on a renovation project. We have been managing projects for renovations since 2011. 

 Our role as your project manager:

  • We provide weekly to Bi-weekly check ups on the renovation to ensure work is aligning with the design goals.

  • We communicate with the subcontractors directly if things get off track so you can avoid those uncomfortable conversations with them.

  • We gather multiple bids from subcontractors on your behalf to save you time.

  • We coordinate multiple sub-contractor schedules to implement important workflow management

  • We remain flexible if unexpected construction issues arise (such as discovering wiring or mold behind walls) and can implement a new direction promptly. 

  • We maintain communication transparency between all parties involved.


NOTE: Since we recently moved our company to Bell County, we are currently vetting subcontractors. However, we can provide the following third-party subcontractor work for Williamson county.

  • Painters

  • Landscapers

  • Floor Installers

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers 

  • Countertop Fabrication 

  • Cabinet installers

  • custom carpentry

For large or commercial remodels, we can refer a general contractor to you in all our service areas.


Interior design renovation services in bell county
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