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Interior design renovation services in bell county

At Streamline Interior Designs, we understand that renovating can be a daunting and a time-consuming task. We also know life can get busy, that's why we're here to free up your time and relieve stress with our project management service.

 Our tasks as your project manager:

  • We'll work closely with the General Contractor to make sure every detail is right from start to finish & lining up with your design goals.

  • We are there to answer any questions the contractors has that your may not know the answer to.

  • If you are out of town for business or pleasure during the renovation we can be an advocate for you.

  • We provide weekly to Bi-weekly onsite check ups on the project to ensure the work is a moving along in a timely manner.

  • We communicate with the contractors directly if things get off track so you can avoid those uncomfortable conversations with them.

  • We bring new solutions to light during unexpected construction issues by implementing a new direction promptly. 

  • We maintain transparent communication between all parties involved.

  • We can recommend contractors that we have worked with before to help aid in the vetting process such as, General Contractors, Painters, Floor Installers, Electrician, Plumbers. 

  • We double check that the proper workflow is being implemented.


NOTE: For large or commercial remodels, we highly recommend working with both a general contractor and a project manager.

For small projects, we recommend that our clients vet and hire the contractors directly. you become the sole General Contractor and we would work hand and hand with you as not only your designer, but project manager. 


This service is offered on a case by case basis. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your renovation project.

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