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1.  Initial Design Consultation:

The initial design consultation is a wonderful way to get acquainted with your project. Our designer listens to your design goals and individualized needs. We take photos of your current space and offer some ideas. We encourage our clients to share Pinterest boards, screen shots or other photos with us that inspire you during this consultation. 

​2. Scope of Work, Design Agreement & Retainer:

After the initial design consultation, we’ll send you a tailored Scope of Work that includes our estimated pricing for our design services upfront. Once you approve the scope of work, we send over a design agreement for you to sign and a retainer would be due to secure services. 


3. Details & Design Development:

We begin taking necessary measurements and discussing your project more in depth such as textures, desired colors, types of building material and/or furnishings you like. We look at your inspiration photos such as Pinterest. We discuss your budget, talk project timelines, and review who the main point of contact would be (discission maker). If you have hired an architect, budget manger, and/or general contractor, now is the time to introduce them to us via email to ensure transparency. 


4. Product Sourcing & Procurement:

We begin helping you choose the right building materials and/or furnishings by meeting you in persona at design and/or retail centers or begin sourcing online. We create tailored product boards with pricing for you to review and choose the materials and/or furnishings you like. We also can bring samples for you to review at your home. We are here to help create a cohesive and beautiful design that fits your style and budget. Once you have made some decisions on what you love, we place orders, resolve deficiencies and track deliveries on multiple products, so you don’t have to.


5. Construction Phase:

With our background in general contracting, we don't mind getting our hands dirty. We provide drop in visits weekly to biweekly to check on the progress. We are here to guide you on proper workflow and make sure the construction is looking like it is lining up with your design goals. Please note we do not take the place of a general contractor and it is important to have one lined up for remodels. For small or large projects, ask us about our add on project management services.


6. Project Walk Through:

After the construction is complete, we conduct a walkthrough to help point out small details that might have been overlooked by the crew and make sure our services are exceeding your expectations. We also address any final questions or concerns you may have forgotten to ask us.


7. Wrapping Things Up:

We will schedule an appointment to do a final walkthrough, take photographs of your newly redesigned space and celebrate with you how lovely your newly remodeled home looks. This is our greatest reward! 


8. Testimonial:

Now, it’s time to kick back and celebrate! Please don't forget to leave us a review of our services on any of our social media platforms.

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