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Blue Tape Evaluation

Congratulations on building your new home!!

When nearing the end of new construction on your home, a final walk through is common for buyers, but most buyers don't know what to look for. Allow our keen eye for details and background in general contracting go to work for you with our Blue Tape Walkthrough Service.

What is addressed during the service? 

With our extensive 85 page checklist, we evaluate the exterior and interior of your home. Every nook and cranny, every room and every surface from top to bottom is analyzed for quality and completion. We look at things such as if the lights are centered, cabinets close properly and centered, is the work complete, are the baseboards installed level etc... the list goes on and on. 


How long does a blue tape walkthrough take? 

A typical blue tape walkthrough can typically take 3 or more hours depending on the size of the home. You do not have to be present, we actually prefer not to be distracted so we don't miss anything important.


When should I book the appointment? This walkthrough should be scheduled 3-4 weeks prior to closing so the builder has time to repair any issues found, and prior to the home inspection that is typically scheduled a week before closing.  


What’s the difference between a Blue Tape Walkthrough and Home Inspection? 

  • A home inspection is provided by a Licensed home inspector that conducts an in-depth inspection of components and systems. This inspection is for the buyers knowledge, or for renegotiating the terms of a home purchase agreement. 

  • A blue tape walkthrough is a thorough evaluation of the quality of the finish out.  Blue Tape walkthroughs focus on the aesthetics of the property. This service gives the buyer knowledge and leverage to address quality control issues with the Builder before closing on a house.


What happens after the walkthrough? Streamline will email a report and photographs.  Once received, the Buyer can share the report with the builder to address any issues. 

All issues should be repaired to your satisfaction before you sign the final closing documents. Most Builders are eager to fix issues so they can collect final payment from you. Please Note, sometimes the builder won’t have enough time to finish all the repairs before closing, in this case, they should sign an addendum to the contract promising to fix them. We recommend not closing until all repairs are fixed or an addendum is entered into.


Questions to ask your builder:

  • Can all of the repairs be completed before my closing date?

  • When can I do another walkthrough to inspect the final repairs?

  • What if I find additional issues in the home once I move in?

  • What does your Warranty cover and how long is your warranty?

This service offers buyers security knowing they will not have unnecessary repairs or added expenses after closing or moving in. We look forward to helping you achieve the quality you deserve.

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