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Hand Holding Color Swatches

Are you feeling overwhelmed or nervous about choosing the right paint color? Don't worry, we have a deep understanding of color theory including color psychology, color harmonies, and the effects that different colors have on human perception and emotions.

Let's face it, paint can be tricky! If you ever have chose paint on your own you might have noticed that is turned out lighter, darker or the wrong hue.  Did you know paint colors can  make a space look smaller or larger depending on where it is placed? Allow us to guide you.

The Paint consultation: During the consultation we may ask questions about the desired mood, function of the area, and we will analyze the existing decor, furniture, lighting conditions, and will want to hear about your ideas or themes you have in mind. Based on the input, a color scheme will be developed. This includes selecting the main color, as well as complementary and accent colors that work well together to enhance the overall aesthetic. 


Samples: To help clients visualize the proposed color scheme we will show you color swatches. Your favorites can be ordered in larger samples that you can tape to the wall for studying how they change in the daily lighting situations.


Recommendations: In addition to selecting colors, we may offer recommendations on finishes, materials, and textures that complement the chosen color scheme such as paint types, fabric choices, and other elements that compliment the overall look and feel of the space.


NOTE: a color consultation can provide expert guidance to help you achieve the desired atmosphere and aesthetic appeal. Sherwin williams and Benjamin Moore are our most recommended paint brands.

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