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Why Work with Streamline Interior Designs?

1. Creative Team:  Having a vision of a finished project is essential in interior design. Studies have shown that only 10% of the population can visualize the end result without having a frame of reference. Don't worry, this is our superpower! 

2. Transparent Communication: There are lots of moving parts in the interior design industry so timely and precise communication is crucial. We take pride in our communication skills and do our absolute best to keep everyone working on the project well informed. 

3. Years of Experience: They say experience is the best teacher! Streamline has been updating, repairing, and renovating spaces since 2011. We have vast knowledge of what works and what doesn't. 

3. Functionality and Practicality: Interior design should not only make spaces look amazing but also incorporate functionality of your individual needs. Each design are tailored to fit your lifestyle.

4. Proper Balance and Scale: Have you seen a tiny picture hung on a huge giant wall? Do you feel it gets lost or doesn't look right? Do you feel that it does not make an impact?  Having proper scale and balance is key to a good design. We keep all this in prospective from start to finish.

5. keen eye for details: Ignoring the smallest of details can lead to huge upsets and mistakes! Our designers are incredibly meticulous about ensuring the smallest of details are being addressed. 

6. Organized and Systematic: We are well organized and developed a tried and true system that keeps projects running smoothly as possible.


7. Project Management: We understand that overseeing a project can be extremely daunting and time consuming for our clients. We have been managing subcontractors for years and will take care of everything from the initial design to the finished product!

8. Did I mention fun? Here at Streamline, we are true professionals, however, we like to keep our clients smiling throughout the project.  renovations can disrupt peoples daily routines and be stressful so let's have some fun making your place look stunning! 

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