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Design Consultations are the first step to transforming your space into a beautiful, tailored design. This consultation allows us an opportunity to get acquainted and help you reimagine your space into something new and exciting . We want to hear about your vision and convey what your requirements are in functionality of your home. This consultation allows your designer to analyze your current space, discuss your vision, and create a scope of work with estimated pricing for design services upfront.


We will discuss things such as:

  • What spaces you are planning to update or renovate and to what extent.

  • What your top priorities are.

  • What style and colors you like and dislike. 

  • What the functionality is of each space & your lifestyle.

  • What kind of mood you want to set with your design.

  • We talk about any special requirements you would like to implement into the design.

  • We discuss what contractors are needed.

  • We talk about what you main goals are in your tailored design that you would like to achieve.


Whether your starting from bare bones or updating what you currently have, this hour and a half consultation gets you started in the right direction for a stunning design.


Are you ready to take the first step to into the exciting world of interior design? 


Start with a complimentary discovery phone call to see if we are a good fit for your project.

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