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Interior Design Project

I hired Kathryn to work with my daughter in law to update her house. Kathryn amazingly was able to incorporate "early marriage hand me downs" into a well appointed design. Her suggestions of paint colors for the walls transformed the entire house. She is able to work with people who have a hard time making up their minds and can nudge them in the right direction. I highly recommend Kathryn to take whatever you have and make it "pop" for an extremely reasonable price. She also professionally handled all her recommended contractors and orchestrated the entire project. I would not hesitate to hire her again for the next update!

Interior Design Project

Streamline, Kat in particular, remodeled/redesigned our kitchen and 2 bathrooms. She did a fabulous job!!! She listened to our ideas and came up with suggestions as to how to achieve what we were looking for. In addition, she gave us awesome suggestions about issues we had not even considered. She is great to work with, always accessible, responsible, and fun. She has an invaluable eye as to what will look good and is able to bring everything together. We have received many compliments on the job Streamline did and we wholeheartedly recommend Streamline to help you achieve your dream house or any other space you want to redo. We will be using Streamline Design again in the future to remodel other rooms in our house.

Interior Design Project

I recently moved into my new home and was in the midst of unpacking and struggling to figure out how my stuff was going to work in the new place. Even though I did do some pre-planning for arranging the space, the end result didn't have the right feel and frankly I was weary process. Kathryn went through my home and looked at all my furniture and artwork and we set out to re-arrange in a way that had more clarity and flow then I could have ever done myself. I now have a home that has a natural way of inviting people in to the different living areas and has that wonderful sense of just "feeling right". She was a big help in encouraging me to use some of my artwork in a more dramatic ways with her artist's eye and now all the pieces I have work together more harmoniously. If you are setting up a new home or looking to improve the livability of your current space, I highly recommend engaging Kathryn in her craft.

Interior Design Project

We hired Kathryn as our interior designer on multiple occasions for our business offices as well as our own home for several years  and we're very glad we did! Her work is great! She was always prompt, professional, and patient with all our requests. She did an excellent job creating exactly the look we were going for. She would shop for me and always stayed within our budget. She was so fun to work with and we will definitely recommend her to all we know.

Interior Design Project

Kathryn of Streamline Home Staging was a breath of fresh air! She took the time at the beginning to really understand our family and how we use our home. With that heartfelt approach our house was turned into a beautiful and very functional home. Nearly all of our furnishings and decorations were used in the transformation and the new items were exactly what our home needed. Kathryn also was very sensitive to my husband's "no change" attitude and the two of them were able to redesign his home office into a pleasant working environment. Our friends and family are exceptionally impressed with the changes and we look forward to having more social gatherings in our redesigned home. A huge thank you to Kathryn for bringing our family closer in our beautiful home! I would highly recommend redesigning your home.

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