Shades of Grey Living Room

Vacant staging is an investment that ensures you receive the highest return possible on your investment, most don't realize it's a tax deductible too! 

Our Inventory Package:

  • Our basic inventory package includes furnishings for the key focal rooms (Living Room, dining Area, Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom). However, we can customize our packages to fulfil your staging needs.

  • Our customized inventory professionally showcases the property according to the demographics, listing price and who the target buyer would be.

  • Pricing varies on the scope of work. Contact us to receive a complimentary estimate.


Do I need to stage in a Seller's market? In a seller's market staging creates bidding wars. this pushes the selling price way over listing!  Home Staging in a seller's market can fetch an average of 5-15% return on investment over asking price! 

Do I need to stage in a Buyer's market? In a Buyer's market there are tons of homes to choose from. staging makes your property stand out from all the rest and it has been proven that buyers gravitate to staged properties first.  This helps sell your property in a flooded market within 30 days or less.

Is the cost of staging worth it? Let's be frank, the out of pocket expense for staging is always less than the first price reduction! An average staging costs 1% of the listing price, however staging brings in a 5-15% gain on the closing sales price! Wouldn't you say that kind of return on your investment is worth it? 

What if I choose not to stage before listing to see how it goes? It is essentially gambling with your largest investment. If the home does not sell within 30 days for whatever reason, it receives a 1% price drop. Once there has been a price reduction, buyers wonder what's wrong with the property and pass it up. Unfortunately, once a house receives a price reduction there is usually another to follow. While the property sits on the market Sellers could be forced to pay two sets of mortgages and utilities if they already purchased another home. all of this can add up to extraordinary stress on the Seller.  


Don't wipe money off the table, stage firstDon't worry, if you didn't stage before listing, it's not too late!  
check out the national staging statistics Here!