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Vacant Home Staging Service

Shades of Grey Living Room

  Currently we only offer vacant staging's for Williamson County. 

Vacant home staging is an investment that ensures that sellers receive the highest return on their investment possible. Did you know staging costs are tax deductible? Talk to your CPA.

Streamlines Inventory Packages:

Our basic inventory package includes furniture, decorative accents, artwork, lamps, and rugs for the "key focal rooms" (Living Room, dining Area, Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom). if you need more rooms staged, no problem. We can customize the inventory to your needs. Our inventory packages professionally showcase each property according to the demographics, listing price and who the target buyers.

Popular Staging Questions:
Do I need to stage in a Seller's market? In a seller's market, the number of homes available are low, so competition is fierce! staging creates bidding wars while pushing the selling price over listing price! National Study: "Home Staging in a seller's market can fetch an average of 5-15% return on investment over asking price." 
Do I need to stage in a Buyer's market? In a Buyer's market there are multiple homes to choose from as the market is saturated. staging helps your property stand out from the rest. National Study: "Staged properties sell faster in a flooded market in 30 days or less." 

Is the cost of staging worth it? the out of pocket expense for staging is always less than the first price reduction! staging costs on average are 1% of the listing price, however staging fetches a 5-15% gain on the closing sales price! Wouldn't you say it's worth it? 

What if I choose not to stage before listing to see how it goes ? It is essentially gambling with one of your largest investments. If the property doesn't sell within 30 days, it will receive a  1% price drop. Once there has been a price drop, buyers wonder what's wrong with the property. Unfortunately, once a property receives a price drop, another one is soon to follow.
if you have moved into your new home, while your other property sits on the market, Sellers could be forced to pay two mortgages and two sets of utilities. all of this can add up to extraordinary stress and expense. Why place yourself in this stressful position?? Stage first.
My realtor said I don't have to stage, should I? Realtors are trained experts in selling and buying transactions, demographics, comps, etc.. however, most are not trained in the staging industry. Realtors that tell you that you don't have to stage probably have not worked with a stager and are unfamiliar with the benefits, not only for their clients but for them as a Realtor.
if you are working with a top producing Realtor, they more than likely will refer you to their favorite staging company. they have seen firsthand how staged homes sell faster for more money.  this creates a higher return for their clients (happy client) and a higher commission for the Realtor, (happy realtor). If your realtor is not recommending staging, don't be afraid to mention that you would like to hire one. This is one of your largest investments, it is up to you to ensure you doing everything possible to receive the highest return possible. 

I have art hanging up and a couple of chairs in the house, is that enough? Short answer, no. the purpose of staging is to offer the Buyer a frame of reference to see how their own belongings will fit, draw attention to architectural features, and create a positive emotion that makes buyers fall in love with a property. Take buying a car for instance. would you buy a used car that has hail damage, lots of scratches, missing hub caps and filthy, or purchase one that someone has put effort into repairing and detailing it for the next owner? 

Does virtual staging work? When virtual staging first came out, it was considered a bait and switch tactic to many buyers. Today, it is addressed upfront on the photos that it is virtually staged. virtual staging's can look good online, however when the Buyers arrive at the property, they have no frame of reference and don't emotionally fall in love with the house. Lets face it, buying a house is an emotional purchase. Buyers have expresses that virtual staging does not have the same effect as physical staging.
Interesting fact: Vacant homes look smaller without furnishings. 
Staging Studies: Check out the staging statistics to read more about studies that have been conducted on staging. Don't take our word for it, the proof is out there.
Don't worry, if you didn't stage before listing and it's been sitting on the market, it's never too late to stage. See real results of this in our vacant staging portfolio.

Housing Development

 Home Builders!

  • We have been staging Spec and Model homes for Builders since 2011.  Check out our portfolio to see how quickly we have helped builders sell homes.


  • Our inventory packages are leased on a month to month basis so you don't pay for more than you need. However, we can accommodate longer leasing terms to fit your sales cycle goal if needed.


  • Our inventory is transferrable! When you have sold your model or spec home before the lease expires, we can transfer the inventory to another property you own to fulfil the leasing term.

  • We can help  source building materials for your new builds. 

  • Free advertising! We post our staged properties on social media platforms that are connected to hundreds of real estate Agents in central Texas.

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