Hand Holding Color Swatches

Are you feeling overwhelmed or nervous about choosing the right color for paint or upholstered materials?

Did you know that studies show color has an emotional effect on people? such as reds = anger,

green = energy, and blue=serenity.


Did you also know certain colors can make a space look smaller or larger depending on where the paint is placed and what color. 


Did you know that there are complimentary colors and colors that do not go well together at all?


We have a background in color theory so don't fret, we are here to help!


NOTE: Sherwin williams and Benjamin Moore is our most recommended paint brands.

Notice: Due to the pandemic, we encourage all parties to wear a mask. We request to postpone making an appointment if you, or someone you know has been diagnosed with covid or Monkey Pox within the last two weeks. Thank you for understanding as we make great strides to  protect you and our loved ones.