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Occupied staging allows Buyers to stay focused on the best features of your home and not your personal belongings or lifestyle. roll up your sleeves and let's get started on this affordable approach to home staging! You will be shocked at the positive results!

There are two types of occupied consultations.

  1. CONSULTATION WITH REPORT: This comprehensive consultation covers everything you need to know on how to prepare your property for the market. you will receive a tailored document with a easy to follow punch list to help keep you on track

  2. OCCUPIED VERBAL CONSULTATION: This walk and talk consultation guides you a verbal journey to discover what you need to do to successfully stage your property for the market. note taking is strongly encouraged. 


occupied consultations cover things such as:

how to properly depersonalize your home (careful! This can be overdone).

what repairs need to be addressed.

what updates are needed (if any) to bring in top dollar.

What is the best furnishing arrangement to enhance your available Square Footage.


Notice: Due to COVID, We request to postpone making an appointment if you, or someone you have been close to within the last two weeks has been diagnosed with covid or any other contagious sickness.. Thank you for understanding as we make great strides to protect our elderly. 

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