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An Initial Discovery Consultation is the first step to creating a beautiful, tailored design for you. 

It gives us an opportunity to ask each other questions and for you to share your design goals with us. It also allows us the opportunity to analyze the scope of work so we can offer you an estimate on our pricing for services upfront to ease with budgeting.


We will discuss things such as:

  • What spaces are you planning to update or renovate and to what extent.

  • What style and you like. 

  • What will be the functionality of each space and how it will need to adapt to your lifestyle.

  • Who will be the main decision maker on the project.

  • We discuss whether a project manager or general contractor is needed. 

  • We talk about your budget. Please have a number in mind prior to the consultation. It not only helps set expectations, but it defines what venders we would source from to fit your budget. We suggest giving yourself a 8-10% cushion for those unforeseen issues that can occur during a remodel (such as mold behind walls, rusted plumbing etc...)

  • We help define what subcontractors will be needed and the proper workflow.

Are you ready to get started with an exciting transformation? Contact us today to get started.

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