No matter the project, from large to small, Streamline can help you achieve your design goals right down to the smallest of details. We have been renovating residential and commercial spaces since 2012.


Why Work with Streamline Interior Designs?

1. Having vision:  Having a vision is necessary in interior design. Sounds easy right? Statistics prove that only 10% of the population can visualize the end result of a space. Don't worry, our designers will create a well thought out design and visualizing the end result comes easy for them.

2. Having transparent communication: There are lots of moving parts in the interior design industry so timely and precise communication is critical in any design project. We do our absolute best to keep everyone well informed. Our testimonials speak volumes about our communication skills. Check out our review page.

3. Experience: Streamline has been updating, repairing, and completely renovating spaces since 2012. Through the years we have gained knowledge of what works and what doesn't. We have built incredible working relationships with many talented contractors that deliver quality craftmanship.  Our experience speaks for itself in our final product. See our portfolio.

3. Assuring functionality and practicality: Interior design should not only make spaces look amazing but also incorporate functionality and your individual needs. Each design is tailored to your design goals and that fit your lifestyle...not ours.

4. Having proper balance and scale: Have you seen the tiny picture hung on a huge wall a doctors office or perhaps in your own house? Do you feel it gets lost, has no anchor, or effect on aesthetics or create emotion? If the scale and balance is incorrect it can make the design look and feel awkward. We keep proper balance and scale in prospective from the beginning to end of each project. 

5. Having a keen eye for details: Glazing over smallest of details can add up to huge upsets and make or break a good design. Streamline is meticulous about the smallest of details and makes sure no stone is left unturned.


6. Project Management: We understand that looking for the right contractors  and watching over them can be stressful and extremely time consuming. As a add on service, we  bring in our preferred contractors that we have worked with for years to manage their workmanship, create important timelines, and schedule multiple contractors in the proper order.  Learn more details here.

7. Fun! At Streamline, we like to have fun and keep things down to earth. Renovation projects can be stressful when client’s homes and schedules are in upheaval. We try our best to keep things upbeat, lighthearted and keep you smiling. Don't worry, we know when to be professional and serious when the time calls for it.


Are you ready to begin an exciting transformation? Contact us today to set up a consultation.