Notice: Due to COVID-19 and new variants we are requesting all parties to wear masks during consultations. Thank you in advance for understanding as we make great strides to  protect you and our loved ones.

Here are the different types of consultations we can provide you.

* INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTATION: All Interior design projects begin here. Whether we are shopping for furnishings or building materials, providing simply updates such as paint colors and new lighting, or completely renovating a space we will discuss the following and more:


  • What space's we would be updating or renovating.

  • What style and colors are you drawn to.

  • Do you have any special needs in functionality of your space.

  • Who the main person will be to make the design decisions.

  • We determine if you have your own contractors lined up or if you need help from our preferred contractors, or a general contractor, architect, or budget manager for larger projects.

  • We discuss how many phases (if any) as well as your budget. This is important as it set expectations as well helps us understand whom we should source from to stay in your budget.

  • It gives you an opportunity to ask questions you have and share your design goals.

  • We offer our professional ideas and creative solutions for your design right off the bat.

  • It helps us assess how many estimated sourcing hours and consulting hours your project will take so you have our pricing ahead of time. this makes it easier for our clients to budget in our services.

* OCCUPIED WRITTEN REPORT CONSULTATION: This detailed and comprehensive consultation will help you achieve the highest return on your investment.  This hour and a half consultation covers everything you need to know from the front curb to the back fence and the entire interior of your property. You will receive a multiple page report that acts as a punch list ath you can easily follow to prepare your home for the market. 

* OCCUPIED STAGING VERBAL CONSULTATION: This walk and talk consultation guides you on what needs to be addressed to receive the highest return on your investment. Like the written report consult, we cover everything from top to bottom. Detailed note taking is strongly encourage of our clients. 


* COLOR CONSULTATION: Looking for that right color of paint for your room? We offer color consultations to help guide you in making the right choice. Sherwin williams and Benjamin Moore are our most recommended brands of paint.

Let's get started!